Friday, August 04, 2006

Head First Design Patterns

Link:Head First Design Patterns

I always found patterns rather gimicky. I've tried to understand them with little success. I tried to read the infamous gang of four book (here) and ended up confused and bored. I've read and read the pattern section in Essential AS2.0 but can't stop but get the feeling of "why isn't he actually saying anything?".

At the bookstore the other day I was browsing the computer books section (very small where I live) and saw an O` Reilly book I hadn't seen before: Head First Design Patterns. It looks cheesy, and it was quicky discredited at first, until I actually started reading it. This book isn't for individuals with established knowledge about design patterns. It's a beginner book that shows that just because you know OO doesn't mean that you use it in a fashion that allows for functionality along with flexibility.

It's a real eye opener and not a boring read (it has pictures). Deffinately reccomend it to any one who just can't get patterns or see why they're useful.

Monday, July 31, 2006

PHPVars -- Handy LoadVars Accessory



I had to load itemized PHP data in a project I was working on and couldn't find any good solutions to easily load many items with PHP at once. Check the doc's usage to see what I mean by itemized data.