Wednesday, April 26, 2006

FlashDevelop Code Injection

Download:SWF Mill Ready Template

Place in /../FlashDevelop/Templates

Create a new project using the "Mill Ready Project".

Basic Directory Structure

---Contains all of the base classes.

---For external library data (See note below!)

---Contains the source to build the application.swf from in simple SWFML.
---Also contains the compiled classes.swf that is injected into application.swf on compile.


There are two ways to add library items to this project. You can bundle them with classes.swf by adding them to the library within flash develop and selecting add to library from the right click menu, or you can import them into the library of the swf created by swfmill like so. Code:

<!-- Within the library tags -->
<clip id="myLibraryItem" import="../externalData/myImage.png" />

Both of these methods function in the same way, it's just a matter of taste.

Pressing F8 will have mtasc compile classes.swf into ./swfmill and then compile swfMillSource.xml into application.swf in the root project directory.


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